Website Design 101 – Why Your Website Needs a Site Map


If you are in the midst of designing a new website or of time getting the links, secondary pages, meta tags and other elements just right. It is important to focus on those design elements, since they can affect everything from how well your page ranks in search engine results to how well it is received by your human visitors.

Unfortunately, many webmasters place all of their emphasis on these design elements of their websites, only to ignore one of the most critical parts of website design. If your website does not have a fully functional and properly designed site map, you could be losing visitors and hurting your search engine rankings as well.

Webmaster Tools

A site map is one of those webmaster tools that is just as important as human visitors. Encourage them to stick around. A well-designed site map is one of the best ways to encourage visitors to stick around long enough to see what your site is all about. That kind of website stickiness is a vital part of proper web design, since it will impact everything from search engine rankings to affiliate sales.

While a site map should be an integral part of your website design or redesign, it is not enough to simply throw up a site map and forget about it. A poorly designed and poorly thought out site map can actually be worse than no site map nonexistent pages, those flaws are more likely to send visitors fleeing than encourage them to stick around.

That is why a Google site map can be such a great investment in your website and your passive income. A Google site map is designed to work with your website and link accurately to each of its pages. This is an important consideration even for small websites, but it is absolutely essential if you have a large website with dozens or even hundreds of pages.

Your Website is Your Business

No matter what the nature of your business, your website is the first thing people see when they Google your business name or find you through a search engine query. As a business owner, you already know how powerful first make that first impression a good one.

When you design your website and your Google site map, you need to keep that All too many webmasters focus on making their websites rank high in search engine queries, while neglecting the appeal of those sites to actual human visitors.

The problem is that it does no good for your business to rank high with the search engine queries if it ranks poorly with its human visitors. In fact, if your site is not designed with human visitors in mind, those visitors will quickly abandon the site, and that can hurt your search engine rankings in the long run.

A well-designed site map is one of the best ways to please your human visitors by helping them find exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily. Web visitors are increasingly pressed for time, and the number of distractions continues to grow every single day.

Webmasters who have the ability to give their visitors what they want will continue to thrive, while those with poorly designed websites and broken site maps will continue to struggle. So, if your site does not currently have a site map, now is the time to build one. And if your site does have a site map, now is the perfect time to test and tweak it for maximum results.