Taxonomy+Views+Panel | Pixel Clever

I’m currently busy with a Social Networking website. I have a problem implementing a functionality called “City Guide”. This is what I’m trying to do actually

So far I could not separate the exposed filters from the Views 🙁

The question here is, how can we send arguments between panels and how can we show our views items in separate panels?

In my particular occasion, each City Guide item has 2 taxonomy vocabulary and some CCK fields. I want to put “City Guide” items in 3 panels 1) Top: City(taxonomy vocabulary) as a dropdownlist(exposed filter) 2) Left: Category summary list(showing each category with number of items such as Doctors(3), when clicked they will appear on the right panel)

3) Right: The list of items

is this possible to do only using Views + Panels? or should I use something different?