So Adobe says it supports open source eh?

Corporations usually choose image over truth, Adobe isn’t an exception in my book. In March of 2008 Adobe proudly (more like shamelessly) announced that they have joined the Linux foundation and intend to help in collaborating in the development of new web 2.0 technologies. All this with an emphasis on their support for open source.

Well, that sounds great, but wait a second… if Adobe really supports open source then why haven’t they made any effort to provide their design software for the Linux OS? Geez, these guys must think we’re idiots. Open source is great for big companies when they get to take source code produced by the community at large and use it for free, but Adobe isn’t playing fair here.

I don’t give a rat’s kiester what Adobe says about itself or its intentions. Until they create a Linux version for their software they rank right up there with Microsoft in my little list of evil companies. Strong words… perhaps, but I don’t think I am exaggerating. When Adobe bought out Macromedia, they effectively established a monopoly on the design world. This would be bad enough since this monopoly extends across the Mac and Windows platforms, but to make it worse they are effectively preventing the masses from transitioning to Linux.

I resent the fact that Adobe is trying to put on a good image about open source while leaving us with the unpleasant option of purchasing Windows xp and Parallels just so we can run Adobe software.

If this bothers you too, then I suggest we let Adobe know. Here is a link to their feature request and bug report form. Let’s send them a clear message that the open source community wants more than public relations stunts from Adobe.