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Par grabur (non vérifié), le lun, 04/06/2009 – 18:52.

I’ve long wanted Adobe to port photoshop to Linux, early versions run okay under Wine. But you’d think if a Mac port is possible, it should be quite easy to port to *nix.

Having said that, Qt, Gtk2 could they not use Flex! Qt looks pretty good, see Virtualbox as a good cross platform example.

Gimp apparently has a new rendering engine, and it feels more like Photoshop everyday. Though I still find it’s mouse driven menus a pain in the A.

The cynic in me, thinks it’s a Microsoft / Adobe agreement, preventing ports, because let’s face it, who’d bother with Windows if Adobe did port the suite.

I just wish OS/X would be released as an OS officially on x86, as I’d happily snap it up.