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Par Anonymous (non vérifié), le ven, 05/22/2009 – 03:21.

Wow, I have to say that I think this review is not fair, and is lacking any real and valid points. Your tone is so negative that it come across as complaint more than it does a review. A negative review is good, but it needs to be backed up! How can you be on the fence about the new flash version: It is ground breaking!! Hardware accelerated video layers, the ability to stream video that is in the same format as Blu-Ray… The Velum project provided text control that should appeal to you in particular as a designer. and the capability to generate audio programmaticly? The VM2 is fast, AS3 has matured drasticly… all self contained in a player that is 1.8MB! Your on the fence because you need to look at the details.. Look at what people are building with these tools..? Papervision?… Flex?… check it out!

What is wrong with SP3? If you don’t like it, download a Linux disro, RTFM, then stop complaining. If you cant deal with that then get a Mac. If you are still not happy.. then go back to windows and take a deep breath, because all software is going to contain bugs of some nature and of some depth. If you don’t understand why this is the case then I would recommend taking a intro to programming class. Its much more complicated than just love hate. Software parts NEED to require other software parts because they share functionality. The parts that make up the whole rely on each other to operate in a certain way, or else… you get block rendering… or far worse behavior.

I don’t work for adobe, but I have been close enough to see the blood and sweat that goes into their development process, and I can promise you that they don’t take their career’s as lightly as you do your reviews.

CS4 is a suite of products uses a lot of the code globally throughout. From may angles this is very advantageous for the suite, but presents a even bigger challenge to the teams in each product line. Coordinating releases, not only in each product, but across the entire suite of tools is not a small feat. Not to mention the work that has been done in 64-bit very new and cutting edge stuff… there is a lot of R&D that has been successfully transformed into what you review as the CS4 suite.

In your review you provided no basis testing, so I don’t know about the hardware you are using. Are you even using 64-bit? … but most of the products allow rendering to be offloaded to a graphics card that are of the proper type, and running a driver that includes the proper functionality. I’m not certain, but it could be a requirement of this part that is calling for some functionality in Windows SP3.

The problems that you experienced with Photoshop are a result of either an old driver, or a video card that is not supported with CS4.

I would further recommend that you get in more involved, and report bugs, and make feature requests so that all users can benefit from your ideas… not breed nagativity from your your unwarrented complaints. Adobe allows you to do this, which is a new direction that they have taken in the last few years… you get out and you find that dog!