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Par Anonymous (non vérifié), le dim, 07/26/2009 – 03:18.

The upgrade price is ridiculous for basically no upgrades. In fact I don’t think Photoshop, Indesign, or Illustrator have made any great strides since CS2. The web package made respectable strides with CS3 but after testing out the CS4 trial, I see no reason at all to make an upgrade especially with this crappy economy.

I really wish Macromedia had remained as an individual company. That way Adobe would have been able to focus on making some true respectable upgrades to their original products (Photoshop, Ill, InDesign). I am really against the idea of people stealing or downloading pirated software, but the way Adobe has carried themselves I can see why. (There is no excuse not to support your products that aren’t that old, and hire people who have a command of the English language)

Like Mr. Hawkins said, if you’re using CS2 or CS3 then don’t waste your money on a $500 -$600 CS4 upgrade.