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Par Anonymous (non vérifié), le mer, 03/04/2009 – 16:06.

First off, my apologies for posting this here as it should go on the drupal issues page, but since i have been trying for 30 minutes to login into drupal so i can post and it refuses to give me access and i have resorted to posting here with the understanding my question may not get answered. Secondly, great module! My question is does it work with the CCK content taxonomy options module? I don’t think so. If i add taxonomy terms to a select list. and then create content using a term selected in the list, the new item (in this case a job description) does not appear in the taxonomy block. Perhaps i am just overlooking something. i hope so because this would be an amazing module if i am. if not, you might want to consider it as a feature. this module combined with the cck content taxonomy module would be awesome! Nice work, Aaron. Cheers, Kevin