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Par Anonymous (non vérifié), le ven, 02/13/2009 – 09:14.

I would still like to hear some other perspectives on this.

While I personally believe in CSS, I still find it hard to argue the benefits to clients when they are really only concerned with performance and sales. And, from their perspective, what the hell difference does it make if it’s tables, CSS, or whatever else will come along. Does it work and is one a MEASURABLE benefit?

It was mentioned the time it takes to edit tables is longer? Isn’t that just the limitation of the designer though? If they know what they are doing, is there no reason it wouldn’t be the same time / effort?

Some measurable benefits to clients/users I think are true: – CSS is more SEO friendly – Lighter load to a site = faster rendering – More reliable cross platform / browser – Does not require the many blank or clear “spacer.gif” images needed in a table-based site to fill empty table cells, saving

bandwidth, load time, and server space.

The “better design” issue isn’t measurable, and I would agrue I have seen plenty of great design in all formats. Those are just tools to execute a design.