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Par jeff (non vérifié), le lun, 03/02/2009 – 01:34.

Hi my names jeff and i’m a drupal newbie (just kidding, but i am acutally).

Looking at the drupal support page, you’ve got:
“Get Help – Help, meet, chat, discuss, and learn even more in the forums”

Its not until you check the tips that you read:
“Please see the handbook.”

I see two issues, the people that try to fix issues thru support/forums without doing the 1st level troubleshooting. If you’ve not worked on a first level IT support desk and been taught all the steps to troubleshoot, then how are you supposed to know what the process for troubleshooting is. The tips say:

“demonstrate a willingness and capability to help yourself”

Some people dont know how to help themselves and thats why they end up in the forum. Maybe at the the start of your posts aaron you could have text that says “have you tried this” and link to a page running them thru all the first level steps, then add your comments after that.

2nd issue – I think people announcing newbie is more about them trying to explain a level of comprehension to other people in forum. Perhaps a field that says “jeff has been a member for 4 years” would help solve that one (or 4 minutes as the case may be). Also i would like to take drupal certification, but doesnt appear to be any, would be good to show to customers and might help in establishing levels of understanding in forums.

Finally (and i can hear the boo’s now) it might be easier for some people to use forum to find answers to simple issues using forums than trying to search thru the doco which isnt always easy… its happened to me recently where i’ve gone searched thru google b4 reading the doco and come up with the answer quicker than going thru doco. without newbie posts this wouldnt have happened.

Actually i just dislike the word newbie i think, its the sound of it thats irratating! arrrrrrrhhhh! – its good to have a vent once in a while!