Répondre au commentaire | Pixel Clever

Yeah, it’s true the Drupal.org site is currently a pain to navigate. I get lost there myself sometimes. Hopefully the redesign that is in progress will fix some of that.

As for the word “Newbie”… yes, for me I think I find the sound of the word irritating as well. It’s too cutsie… I would associate it with a brand of pink stuffed animals with bambi eyes if I didn’t know better. The word “beginner” is much less bothersome, but at the same time I still think it is better to not announce your newness on every post.

One thing I think that would help is if they had a two stage process for submitting issues or forums that required the user to see a set of links to documentation and confirm that they had already gone through that stage. On issue queue of my modules I often get reports from people who clearly didn’t even read the project page for the module… soooo frustrating. But I digress, that will have to be a subject for another rant.