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Par R.B. (non vérifié), le jeu, 02/12/2009 – 20:45.

The post is appreciated because I have made forum post announcing myself as a newbie. Although I had read the documentation for the particular modules in question and searched the Internet for a solution to my question, I started with ‘Newbie here.’

Maybe it is a matter of insecurity that causes one to use the term ‘newbie’, but learning Drupal is like learning a new language. What you say sounds correct to you, but to a native speaker they have trouble understanding what you say.

From my perspective Drupal is beyond any other program of its type and have recommended it to seasoned WordPress users who need greater capability. So far every one of them have reported back that the learning curve is steep and have decided to live with WP’s limitations.

Perhaps the Drupal forum needs to start a newbie section. A sticky post could tell the poster the steps you’ve outlined for researching a solution before posting. If they don’t make the effort their question is unlikely to be answered.

For some a separate newbie category will seem silly and coddle to the lazy. There is truth in what they say. However, there is a benefit to both the regular posters and the newbie. First, it corals the newbies where they can feel ‘safe’. Second, it reduces the amount of post in the rest of the forum.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.