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Par Jet (non vérifié), le lun, 04/27/2009 – 05:39.

Hi Aaron,

I answer for myself and perhaps for many others learning drupal or any new applications.

Searching for answers in public forums is often a hit or miss process. Usually one finds a partial answer and continues to sieve through a forum. The bigger the forum, the wilder the search for an answer. The newer one is, the longer and more winding and widening the effort becomes. Sometimes I ask a simple question hoping for a simple explanation. However, there are MANY experts who give explanations that I don’t understand. Their answers contain terms such as stack-overflow, ZZIM, memory-conflict, etc etc. These terms drive me crazy, as the word ‘newbie’ drives you crazy.

Therein lies the simple reason I qualify myself as a newbie when I ask for an answer from the world who do not know me at all.