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I am a ecclectic person. Curious is probably the best way to describe me…wait- hold that, impatiently curious.

I came to Drupal because the site I developed with a programmer (I had the creative side, structure development- without the programming knowledge) was outgrowing his independent design skills and DRUPAL, when I found it, was like the holy grail.

The problem is- and has been for me- that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. IT can get you started- then get you into trouble- especially when you are not a “linear learner” (I like to run before I walk).

This is my baggage, but that being said, I have found myself having tons of success addressing problems I encounter while I stumble and bumble around my development process by searching the web- (I do this first before using the DRUPAL help because the DRUPAL pages drive me nuts and the language is beyond my color of green).

Wishing I knew how to do stuff- well it aint gonna get it done…thats the 99% perspiration part.

I am on my own now, trying to develop and launch several websites….without the help of a programmer—so pray for me.

I will admit, the biggest challenge for me is letting go of the static old approach and philosphy to website structure. The forward thinking and flexible dynamic nature of Drupal blows my mind and I just hope that one day I have enough to develop a site from start to finish without all the bruises.

Thanks for your site…it is one I have in my toolbox.