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Par Longvalley (non vérifié), le mar, 05/19/2009 – 16:17.

Hi Aaron,

first of all – great work! We’ll use your module on our site to display a hierarchy of related terms. Secound Thing. I’m not a drupal-pro and haven’t wrote any moduls yet. When I use your module (hopefully in the right way) I was wondering about the number of items displayed after the parent terms in the Term-Hirarchy.

Let me give you a little example:

– ParentTerm Fruit +Child1 Apple +Child2 Orange +Child3 Banana -ParentTerm Vegetables +ChildTerm1 … +ChildTerm2 …

When I assign the Taxonomie-Terms to my nodes, I only assign the child-Terms, e.g. Apple oder Orange. Then I create a view, passing Term-ID (with depth), Term-ID: Depth-Modifier (just like the default taxonomy_term(default)-View). I use a depth of 3, so when I pass a parent-Term-Id like Fruit, all Child-Nodes with max. depth of 3 are also displayed. That works fine. So I expect that your Module also counts for Child-Notes when displaying the Hirarchy.

When I look at the Block, created with your Taxonomy-Block-Modul, then it creates the Hirarchy correctly, but displays count-number of 0 behind the Parent-Term. I would have expected that it counts up the numbers of the child-Nodes, e.g.

Parent Fruit (9) Child Apple (5) Child Orange (3)

Child Banana (1)

The other way round… When I also assign the Parent-Terms to the child -Terms (I assign a node the term apple and also the term Fruit) than the displayed number is as expected.

A long text with a simple question. Am I wrong, or is there a litte bug in the count-up?

Or must I assign Both, the parent-terms and the child-terms as well. This is a little bit strange, bechause when I have a Hirarchy with depth 10, than a child-Node at the deepest level must have all Terms of it’s parent to ensure that the could up of all parent are correct.

Hope you can follow my descriptions…

Greetz from Germany