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Par Anonymous (non vérifié), le mar, 05/19/2009 – 16:10.

Hi Aaron,

first of all – great work! We’ll use your module on our site to display a hierarchy of related terms. Secound Thing. I’m not a drupal-pro and haven’t wrote any moduls yet. When I use you module (hopefully in the right way) I was wondering about the number of items displayed after the parent terms in the Term-Hirarchy.

Let me give you a little example:

ParentTerm Fruit Child1 Apple Child2 Orange Child3 Banana ParentTerm Vegetables ChildTerm1 … ChildTerm2 …

When I assign the Taxonomie-Terms to my nodes, I only assign the child-Terms, e.g. Apple oder Orange. Then I create a view, passing Term-ID (with depth), Term-ID: Depth-Modifier (just like the default taxonomy_term(default)-View). I use a depth of 3, so when I pass a parent-Term-Id like Fruit, all Child-Nodes with max. depth of 3 are also displayed. That works fine…

When I look at the Block, created with your Taxonomy-Block-Modul, then it creates the Hirarchy correctly, but displays count-number of 0 behind the Parent-Term. I would have expectet that it counts up the numbers of the child-Nodes, e.g.

Parent Fruit (9) Child Apple (5) Child Orange (3)

Child Banana (1)

The other way round… When I also assign the Parent-Terms to the child -Terms (I assign a node the term apple and also the term Fruit) than the displayed number is as expected.

A long text with a simple question. Am I wrong, or is there a litte bug in the count-up?