Open Source

Well it took me about 5 days to get it all together and test it, but finally the Advanced Book Block Module is finished!

This module went much more quickly than the Advanced Taxonomy Blocks module due to the fact that I had already worked out the kinks in the JQuery Menu Api by the time I started. Also I lost less time on stupid bugs since I knew what to expect.

BlueCitron is actually two themes in one; a fixed width theme and a fluid width theme. It is built using a pure CSS (table free), standards compliant and cross browser compatible layout. This the first theme that I have contributed to the Drupal community, but I intend to create others as time allows (I have quite a bit on my plate these days).

You can download BlueCitron from the BlueCitron project page at:

Corporations usually choose image over truth, Adobe isn’t an exception in my book. In March of 2008 Adobe proudly (more like shamelessly) announced that they have joined the Linux foundation and intend to help in collaborating in the development of new web 2.0 technologies. All this with an emphasis on their support for open source.

The Jquery Menu Module for Drupal 6 allows you to create a jquery expandable menu block from any of your existing menus. Though it is similar to the existing Drupal Dhtml menu module and the active menu module it is different in several significant ways. The menu to your right is an example of the Jquery menu interface. Click on the plus symbols to the left of the list items to expand the menu.