Official Documentation for the Advanced Book Blocks module Drupal 6

This page is intended to serve as the base documentation for the Advanced Book Blocks module. Any questions or comments related to the documentation should be posted here. Bug reports, feature request and support request should be filed on the issue queue for the module at If you are looking for a demo of this module look at the block to your upper right labeled “What I can do for you”.

First off, Advanced Book Blocks requires JQuery Menu 1.8 or higher. Lots of people overlook this and then can’t understand why their menu doesn’t show up.

The Advanced Book Blocks module was originally conceived as an extension to the JQuery Menu module in order to allow book blocks to use its click and expand functionality. However, as soon as I had the base functionality in place I decided to expand it to make it much more useful.

Advanced Book Blocks ships by default with one block for all books already created. However, one of the most powerful features of Advanced Book Blocks is the ability to add multiple book blocks that are each configured separately.

Once you have JQuery Menu and Advanced Book Blocks installed you can add new blocks by going to admin/settings/advanced-book-blocks and clicking the “Add New Book Block” tab at the top of the page. After clicking the tab you will be directed to enter a title for the new block and then you will be sent to the configuration page for that block.

Configuration Options for Advanced Book Block

Enable / Disable: Each block has its own controls for turning top level books off or on. Disabling a block here will not affect the actual book at all.

: This setting allows you to arrange the items for each block in the order that you choose. If your block has not been configured then it will display in the default weight order that was established for that book id in the book module. However, once you save the configuration options the order will follow the weights set on this page and not those set by the book module.

Weight Reset
: Reset the weights of the books back to the setting stored by the book module.
Automation Settings: Automation Settings has four options:
New Books are disabled by default: If you have added all of the books that you want in a particular block and you do not want new blocks to be added automatically then you should choose this option.
Automatically enable new books: If you want all new books to be added to the block unconditionally then use this setting. This is the default setting.

Automatically enable books with selected terms
: This setting is only useful if you make use of the Taxonomy Automation Options. When set, new books will automatically show up in this block upon node creation or edit if they have been tagged with any of the terms that have been selected in the Taxonomy Automation Options.

Automatically exclude books with selected terms
: Like the previous setting this setting is only useful if you make use of the Taxonomy Automation Options. If selected, only books that are NOT tagged with the selected taxonomy terms will be added to this block automatically upon node creation or edit.

Taxonomy Automation Options
: These are the terms that you can select for use with the previous two features.
Mass Enable / Disable: If checked when you submit the form the module will run through existing books and apply your settings to this block enabling and disabling according to the terms that have been tagged. This option is only usable when Automation settings is set to one of the taxonomy related options and at least one taxonomy term has been selected.

I can be contacted for customizations of this module or development of new modules.