Currently making big waves in Japan, Liberty Walk Co. Ltd is hitting the automotive game hard with their custom Lamborghini body kits that will transform any raging bull into a stunner. Established back in 1993, Liberty Walk is known in the States as LB Performance and is currently the No. 1 Lamborghini tuner in Asia.

Already a fine ride left stock, those who want to personalize their Lambos in order to set them apart from the crowd can easily customize their exotic rides with Liberty Walk’s body kits that enhance the overall exterior of an already impressive ride. The work that they do with their Lamborghini body kits is seriously envy-worthy and will make your head snap if you see one pass buy with its aggressive exterior additions.

Having received several awards and high evaluations from custom car shows, Liberty Walk Co. carries their own, originally made part for their Lamborghini body kits. Not only do they put in a lot of time and effort into their parts, but they also offer you custom products of the highest quality that will complement your special Lambo. Their parts are neither too elaborate nor too simple, as they take the time to perfect their creative process so that the end result is a piece of art on four wheels. Each part, from the front bumper to the side skirt, create a flowing silhouette with the perfect balance of design that will enhance your Lamborghini’s features.

Liberty Walk body kits include parts that will have people looking at envy as you pass them by. The front bumper spoiler is made with the Reventon image in mind, while the performance muffler cutter is full of variety. The LB Performance Forged Wheels are unlike anything else out there. You can upgrade your car by installing the LB Performance front bumper spoiler in Murciélago’s bumper, while the side skirt gives a more stylish form with the arch from the front to rear, when compared with the earlier model (2002-2006).

By adding the various parts from Liberty Walk body kits, your Lambo will look anything but ordinary. You’ve already spent a pretty penny initially buying the speed demon, so why not spice it up a bit with some quality parts from Liberty Walk body kit that make your raging bull like no other out there!