Jquery Menu Module for Drupal 6 | Pixel Clever

The Jquery Menu Module for Drupal 6 allows you to create a jquery expandable menu block from any of your existing menus. Though it is similar to the existing Drupal Dhtml menu module and the active menu module it is different in several significant ways. The menu to your right is an example of the Jquery menu interface. Click on the plus symbols to the left of the list items to expand the menu.

I wrote the Jquery Menu module because I had been looking for a way to speed up the navigation through the Drupal menu system. Unsatisfied with Dhtml Menus and Active Menus which I found to be cumbersome and in the case of Active Menus, unstable, I put myself to the task of writing it myself. After the difficulty of programming that I had been doing the last two months writing Jquery menu turned out to be very easy. In fact it blows my mind that it hadn’t been done before.

I encourage you to visit the Drupal project page for Jquery Menu at http://drupal.org/project/jquerymenu to download the latest version. If you like the module please write a review at http://drupalmodules.com/module/jquery-menu