ISG: The Online Authority for Aftermarket High Performance Auto Parts

When it comes to fast cars, In Sixth Gear (ISG) has become the authoritative source for aftermarket performance auto parts online. Whether you’re into exotic cars or drive a more mainstream sports car, if performance matters to you, you’ll find that ISG stocks the parts you need at competitive rates and backed by excellent customer support. The company was founded on the premise of community. Just as car lovers like to gather to compare notes and admire each other’s cars in the real world, the same is true online. You’ll find that personal service, customer support, and a sense of community are alive and well right here. We started this business to provide car enthusiasts with an online, experiential portal where community runs strong, ideas flow freely, and high quality aftermarket performance parts are always just a click away.

All staff members bring extensive automotive experience to the company, which translates into a companywide knowledge base. From purchasing decisions to photo layouts to expert automotive advice, our team is fully equipped to create a positive customer experience focused on the world of fast cars. Whether you need help listing your exotic cars for sale, selecting a performance part for your Porsche, or choosing the right offset for your custom wheels, our customer support team has the industry knowledge, passion, and information to help.

Exotic Sports Cars – Photo and Video Galleries

In addition to listing exotic cars for sale and selling performance auto parts, wheels, and accessories, ISG has also created some of the world’s most amazing vehicle builds. Check out our photo and video galleries where you can see some of our own exotic cars and builds as well as super exotic sports cars that have captured our imagination. View gorgeous photos, watch high-definition videos, and see what other car enthusiasts have created. As you watch these fast cars take to the highway, let your own imagination take flight.