Inserting a view to replace content type | Pixel Clever

Hi Aaron, came back to use your code on how to insert a View programmatically /how-programmatically-insert-a-view-drupal-6

I have come up with a few problems.

I created a view with fields to use the taxonomy term as an argument, then created the View theme templates to display the fields. The view that overrides the the content type shows all the nodes of the content type, and is not picking up the argument taxonomy term from the url (though it does on the live preview in the view)?

Also by replacing the content type like this how does commenting work? I added the comment fields, but as I add comments the the rest of the view is duplicated as a comment is added…?

Also, when we create a cck content type when is is displayed the fields that do not have any details are ignored along with the styling and field titles. How is this done when theming a view… The titles are appearing as are any boxes, even when the field has no data.

Any suggestions to where I am going wrong appreciated as ever, or to be pointed to documentation or videos… Thanks