How to set up Taxonomy for multiple business type directories | Pixel Clever

I have been looking at your Advanced Taxonomy Blocks module. But before I can really look at it I need to sort out some taxonomy and Views basic… My site will have numerous business type directories, country, region and city reviews, and classifieds. How is the best way to set up taxonomy for such a site? Plus I want users to be able add the locations themselves as I cannot find and neither do I want to type in every possible location – Freetagging? I want to be able to have an overall Business directory and Classified section that covers all countries and cities, but when the user is looking at a country, region or a city they are being pointed to the directory content only for that country, region or city… So when someone is viewing Switzerland country review, the business directory link and classified link point to the Swiss businesses or classified, Geneva links would only show Geneva businesses and ads etc… Do I create a Location vocabulary (Location) and have 3 depths of terms (Country name, Regions in that country and Cities in that region)..? I then get confused as how to display the content. I would have a Content Type for a County one for Region and one for City reviews, and then Content Types for the Business Directory and Classifieds… I am unsure how to associate a View to the sub term taxonomies unless they where separate vocabularies Country, Region, City (because they have a taxonomy ID?)? Thanks, Tim