How to create a dynamic links menu block? | Pixel Clever

HI Aaron,
I need to create a menu block that points to various nodes and views that seems really basic but I don’t see how to do it. Say I have a section that gives information for a city so the url would be content/cities/’city_name’ I would set a block of links (menu) to appear for all the city urls ../content/cities/* and the links would be restaurants, hotels, car hire, parks, etc For each city the menu item titles would be the same, but obviously each time would point to the content for which ever city was being viewed… looking at Paris urls in the menu block the link Restaurants would point to the view that lists the restaurants in Paris… the taxis link to the View listing taxis… the Park link point s to a node about parks etc… Switching to another city the menu items remain the same, but they all point to the new city. At a loss at how to do this. Thanks