JQuery Menu / Superfish Compatability | Pixel Clever

I’ve been reading “Drupal 6 – Ultimate Community Site Guide” – it’s a tutorial on how drupalfun.org was built. Early on it suggests using the Pixture theme and the DHTML Menu module. In researching these, it appears that the Pixture Extended theme and JQuery Menu module might be better alternatives. Since Pixture Extended uses Superfish menus (a jQuery plugin), I’m wondering if there might be conflicts in combining the two.

Here is the part of the documentation for the theme regarding the Superfish Drop Menu:

1) Build a standard drupal menu. Set the correct levels to “expanded”.

2) Disable Primary links in the theme settings AND check the setting to enable Superfish (scroll to the bottom of the Pixture Reloaded theme settings page).

3) Place the menu block in the Superfish region (using Drupals normal block configuration system). Your menu will be auto-magically rendered as a Drop menu.

4) To modify the animation style and speed please see the following site for a full run down on configuring the Superfish plugin: http://users.tpg.com.au/j_birch/plugins/superfish/

I’d appreciate any insight/guidance on this matter.