Firefox search plugins for, Drupal API and Pixel

If you develop with Drupal chances are you spend a lot of time searching for information on, I know I do. With this in mind one day I decided to see what it would take to build a and an search plugin for Firefox.

I discovered that it wasn’t that hard to get set up once I understood the pattern, however I quickly realized that to have a plugin that makes use of the built in search engine would be useless. If you haven’t already noticed the search engine on and really suck. Nothing against the guys who wrote the code… It’s cutting edge stuff for an open source cms, but let’s face it, you’re much better off googling your question.

The solution of course is to do a google search within This works great, however it requires typing in some extra text before each search to limit the search. As laziness is the mother of invention I decided to make the search plugins actually search and through google instead.