Drupal Theme Conversion from PSD or Fireworks files | Pixel Clever

In addition to producing custom themes from scratch I also offer the service of converting graphic files from Photoshop (PSD) or Fireworks (PNG) into Drupal themes. Though this may seem like an easy task upfront, sometimes it really isn’t. If your designer already knows a thing or two about Drupal it will make things easier since there are certain aspects of Drupal which favor some design principles over others.

The cost of a PSD to Drupal theme conversion depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of the Design: Hey, CSS is flexible but there are some things it won’t do without a fight. If it takes extra time it cost more. A good example is a design where every single corner is supposed to have rounded edges. This a bad idea for many technical reasons, but it also requires as much as twice much coding time.
  • The number of pages that require a custom layout: This should go without saying. I can theme every page on your site to look completely different if you want, but it takes time.
  • Number of modules that need to have their output styled: Drupal isn’t an island, and most people are using quite a few contributed modules. If those modules are outputting html, and many of them do, then you are probably going to need them styled to match the overall look of your site. Sometimes this is easy when the modules were written with theming in mind. But for some modules (views for example) theming is not easy at all, and may require themable function overrides in the template.php file.
  • How much knowledge the designer had about web development: The web has limitations, and if your designer doesn’t understand this he or she can end up causing a difficult conversion. For example there are only a small number of web safe fonts that can be used in a theme without resorting to image based headers, and while you may be able to get away with using image based headers for a few pages you will be shooting yourself in the foot and preventing your site from using Drupal’s true flexibility.


All that said, the cost to convert a PSD into a Drupal theme should run anywhere from $800-$1500 dollars depending on the variables at hand. It can be cheaper, and it can be more expensive.