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I spent several hours banging my head up against the wall looking for a solution to the missing images on the Ubercart catalog and the checkout cart section. I searched and I searched and on google I found scores of other frustrated developers who had run into the same problem, but I didn’t find any solution posted. It turns out that the actual solution is very simple, but downright unintuitive.

As of the date of this writing views 2 for Drupal does not have a canned method of accepting multiple arguments that are CCK fields. The case where this came up for me was in a CCK select field that had dynamically generated options (created through php). The options were years, and the user was allowed to chose multiple years. How then, can one set a view to dynamically filter for content that had been marked with at least one of the years sent in the argument?

There seems to be some debate as to whether there is an actual SEO penalty to using spaces or the encoded %20 in urls. I’ve spent some time researching the matter and I wasn’t able to come away with any conclusive evidence one way or the other. However, when a client wants a site with no spaces or %20 in the urls that is in itself a deciding factor.

Apparently my client and I aren’t the only ones that ran into this problem, and perhaps I wasn’t the only one to come up with this solution, but I didn’t find it posted anywhere else on the internet, so I am going to post it here.

Would you like to tell me more about :”/how-and-why-use-l-function-create-links-drupal-programming”?

as that:

which file should I put the following code into? :

l($text, $path, $options = array())
or the example: print l(‘This is the link text’, ‘node/2’);

$options = array( ‘attributes’ => array(), ‘html’ => TRUE, );

l(”, ‘node/1’, $options);

should I type the code in the page.tpl.php or the others?