I have nothing against new Drupal users on Drupal.org, even the most advanced Drupal developers were new to Drupal at one point or another, but I have seen a pattern among certain new users that drives me crazy. In fact it drove me crazy back even when I was new to Drupal myself: the abuse of the term newbie.
Ok I admit that that sounds like a pretty weird thing to say, but I have a well formulated psychological analysis to back me up. Hear me out people.

This document is intended for module developers who wish to make use of JQuery to process an array of hierarchical data into a click and expand menu. It is written with the assumption that you are a programmer and that you know how to create multidimensional arrays through recursive functions.
The only function that third party modules need to call from JQuery menu in order to create a click and expand menu is as follows:

theme(‘menu_creation_by_array’, $menutree, $trail);

This calls the theme function menu_creation_by_array() and sends it two arguments: