I am new to Drupal and learning. I have used other packages in the past and am in the process of switching to Drupal. Quite a unique and complex package at times. I have had to change my thinking of how I go about designing a website. I would like to know if you can direct me to a tutorial or place that explains how you go about creating menus and secondary menus etc. Thanks.




I have CSS code in content for styling. Due to this my search results is showing CSS code. Please let me know how this problem can be solved. Thanks in advance.


Is there a way to remove a link from a book page?

So for example here is the book menu:

  • Book
    – Chapter 1 (expands when clicked)
  •   Chapter 2 (expands when clicked)
  •     Alabama (expands when clicked)
  •     Arizona (expanded)
  •      Section 1 (link)
  •      Section 2 (link)


I’ve been developing for some years using ms active server pages but more recently osCommerce. The problem I find with osCommerce is that you have to change the core product to get what you want so I been looking at and experimenting with Drupal. The idea of not touching the core product appeals to me no end. Also I spent many years developing commercial systems on an AS400 built around a core product supplied by Caterpillar Systems (CAT). Their system provided many different “Hooks” onto which we hung our stuff and it all worked like a dream. So you can see why I’m keen on Drupal.

Hi all,

Which is the best way to customize front page of my site?

  1. I have a vocaboulary named “CATEGORIES”
  2. Example of categories (first level of terms) are: “music”, “art”, “sport”
  3. Every category has is own sub-terms, e.g.:
    • music -> rock, country, jazz
    • art -> photos, sculpture
    • sport -> basketball, football, hockey

In my home page i would have a box for every category, listing all recent posts for that category (and posts of related subterms), like this:

Greetings. I have successfully themed a drupal 6 search form using the csearch methodology as found on the web. Everything looks great, the search box and new image submit button are in the header. The problem is that the same image submit button is drastically shifted out of site on the advanced search page itself, what shows on the breadcrumb as Home >> Search. In IE, I see the top 3 or 4 pixels of it as though it has dropped down, and in Firefox it is cut off on the right and left sides.

Hi, you posted issue on drupal.org “invalid callback in i18nblocks” http://drupal.org/node/274545
You said “I just realized what caused this.”, but did not explain how to fix it. I have the same problem. Could you tell how to fix it?


i’ve added a cck field (named field_luogo) to a node

and now i would like to add to the node a php snipplet getting the cck field value and passing it as argument to a view;

so i’ve tried


but i get no value

is this the right way ?

thanks pierluigi

Hello everybody!

I’m not a newbie 😉 but I’m stuck with a problem, which I thought to be easy to solve with drupal.

I want to use a 2D-Taxonomy and to display it in a table-like (matrix) view, like: