Custom Drupal Themes for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 | Pixel Clever

We came into the world of Drupal as a designer, and theming has always been Our main specialty. I came onto Drupal in the early Days of Drupal 5 and spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours learning to master its theme system. Drupal 6 is our preferred version to use with sites, but I have no problem producing code for Drupal five.

If given the basic idea of a website I can come up with a look that matches the content fairly quickly or if you already have your own ideas I can make your site look however you want it to.

Time Requirements

It takes me between two days to a week to develop a Drupal theme depending on the level of complexity of the site and how many versions are required in order to produce a satisfactory result.


We usually work by the hour, though for some circumstances I will set a fixed price for a project if the scope is clearly defined.

On average a custom theme will with one to three distinctly styled areas will cost about $1500 dollars. It can be less if your needs are very simple.

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