A Carlsson body kit has the ability to add incredible appeal and additional safety measures to a stock Mercedes. Since 1989, Carlsson has been the first choice for Mercedes enthusiasts. The company’s headquarters are based in Gut Weisenhof, a beautifully preserved German historical monument. In the past, the manor was used as a breeding ground for thoroughbred racehorses. Carlsson has kept that spirit alive, producing a new breed of thoroughbreds comprised of carbon and steel.

Carlsson body kits are developed for nearly every Mercedes vehicle. Whether you own a C-Class, an S-Class, or even an M-Class sport utility vehicle, a Carlsson body kit can be fitted to your Mercedes. The kits include front lips, front spoilers, grille inserts, rear spoilers, and more. A Carlsson bodykit maintains Mercedes’ painstakingly engineered styling, while adding a individualistic appearance. If you love your Mercedes and want it to stand out amongst its brethren, consider a Carlsson aero kit.

Carlsson’s expertise was earned through years of rally racing, one of the world’s most demanding forms of racing. Carlsson’s M-Class Mercedes driven by Jean-Pierre Strugo took class victory in the 2003 Cross Country World Rally Cup. Carlsson has also been a strong competitor in the legendary 24 hour Nurburgring race. If a Carlsson body kit can hold up under those extreme conditions, city streets and back roads will hardly offer a challenge.

Recently, Carlsson body kits have been made available for Smart cars. This addition to the line is a testament to Carlsson’s dedication to innovation. With this new advance, even eco-conscious drivers are afforded the utmost in style and performance. Carlsson’s devotion to time-honored tradition is complimented by contemporary high-performance technology.