I spent several hours banging my head up against the wall looking for a solution to the missing images on the Ubercart catalog and the checkout cart section. I searched and I searched and on google I found scores of other frustrated developers who had run into the same problem, but I didn’t find any solution posted. It turns out that the actual solution is very simple, but downright unintuitive.

Would you like to tell me more about :”/how-and-why-use-l-function-create-links-drupal-programming”?

as that:

which file should I put the following code into? :

l($text, $path, $options = array())
or the example: print l(‘This is the link text’, ‘node/2’);

$options = array( ‘attributes’ => array(), ‘html’ => TRUE, );

l(”, ‘node/1’, $options);

should I type the code in the page.tpl.php or the others?