ABT Sportline

If longevity is a sign of quality, an ABT Sportsline body kit is solid as a rock. ABT Sportsline has been in the customization market since the time of horse-drawn carriages. Since then, they have remained one of Germany’s top aftermarket parts producers and racing teams. Their specialization is in German manufactured vehicles, particularly Audi and Volkswagen, although ABT Sportsline body kits are available for select Seat and Skoda vehicles.

ABT Sportsline’s adherence to strict quality standards is obvious in a single glance. An ABT Sportsline bodykit adds a beautifully intricate custom look, but still maintains the spirit of the car’s original design. This is vitally important when dealing with vehicles such as Audi’s R8, which is already a stunning work of art when it rolls off the factory floor. Although it provides an incredible look and feel, an ABT Sportsline body kit is highly performance-oriented. In fact, ABT Sportsline body kits pass pedestrian impact protection tests, and were the first in the industry to do so.

Looks can be important, but how well does an ABT Sportsline body kit hold up when rubber meets the road? If their performance on the race track is any indication, they exceed all expectations. DTM, or Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, is an incredibly popular racing series in Germany where the best of the best in German touring cars compete for fame and glory. Team ABT Sportsline is a previous winner of the championship, and is always a strong competitor. This sturdy racing pedigree is instilled in every one of their consumer products.

There are an immense number of kits offered, including some for later model vehicles. Even an SUV like Audi’s Q series can be outfitted with a sleek, tastefully customized ABT Sportsline aero kit. Whether you own an Audi R8, a Volkswagen Golf, or anything in between, you can find numerous stylish performance-driven products to fit your needs.