About Us

Here at In Sixth Gear, it’s all about fast cars – we love them as much as you do! ISG is your ultimate source for exotic car videos, pictures, parts, sales, and an online experience where not only can you dream about performance tuning your car, you can make your dreams come true. ISG was founded by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Here you’ll find everything from an exotic car gallery loaded with stunning cars and a video collection where you can see tricked out cars roaring down the highway to a fully stocked online marketplace where you can select performance parts, custom wheels, body kits, and more. You can even shop for used cars for sale.

The In Sixth Gear name, or ISG as we’re also known, refers to the thrill that comes with driving exotic cars. Sure, the growl of first gear has a thrill of its own, and it’s fun shifting through second, third, fourth, and fifth gears; but nothing quite compares to hitting sixth gear and watching as the pavement blurs into the background. If you like cruising in sixth, ISG was designed for you! Whether you’ve always driven fast sport cars or aspire to do so in the future, this website is designed to satisfy your automotive and performance cravings.

Based in Tampa, Florida, In Sixth Gear has access to suppliers, manufacturers, car customizers, performance tuners, and car lovers. The car culture is smoking hot and you’ll see it in action when you watch exotic car driving videos or explore the site. Whether you live nearby or across the country, if you love exotic cars, this website was built for you.

ISG has created an online portal where car enthusiasts can check out everything from exotic Italian cars to outrageous customizations as well as shop for OEM and aftermarket performance parts, accessories, custom wheels, and body kits. You can even list your used cars for sale and shop for a new previously owned car – all in one place neatly organized and dedicated to delivering you the information, parts, and images of fast cars that you crave.