About Aaron and this site | Pixel Clever

My name is Aaron Hawkins, I am a Drupal programmer and Theme designer. I love Drupal and I use it all day almost every day.

I built this site after taking some time to reflect on the way I had approached this whole freelance web design thing over the past year. I have learned a lot in those 12 months, and when I went back to look at my old website I realized that it no longer reflected me at all. So instead of rebuilding or editing the old site I endeavored to start over from scratch. One of the principle differences between the approach of PixelClever.com vs. the other site is that in the old site I presented myself as a business rather than an individual. This wasn’t out of dishonesty, but rather out of misguided expectations. In the beginning I had the thought that perhaps I would build up a small design / translation shop with a few other developers, and I even tried a couple of stints with “subcontractors”, but the truth of the matter is that I have no interest in running an entire business right now. My life is full enough without losing sleep over the state of a corporation with employees, complicated book keeping and the works. So now the site you see here is me presented as me, pure and simple.

The other difference in my current approach is that I have begun to place a greater emphasis on giving something to the Drupal community. I have released two contributed modules Jquery menu and the Consistent Language Interface module, and one theme (the BlueCitron theme). Having contributed code that potential clients or employers can download and evaluate is much better than making claims about what I can do and besides there is a lot that needs to be done.

Lastly I am putting more work into building up quality Drupal tutorials for this site. The truth of the matter is that the majority of my clients over the past year have been design companies who got in over their head with Drupal. So I figure, if my main bread and butter are the guys who are trying to figure Drupal out then why not give them a reason to keep coming back to my site?

As for me the person, when I am not tangling with code or reading programming books in the bath tub with a cold beer, I like writing music, swimming, dancing, and butchering the English language in new and unusual ways. I love language in general, I don’t really know why. In fact, I came into the world of programming only after learning Spanish, French and (some German). After having lived 3 years of my life so far in non-English speaking countries, computer languages seemed a natural next step. I have the philosophy that music, code, and French slang all have a common root, and if you grasp that root the patterns of the world open up to you in amazing ways.

Speaking of French, I currently live in France in Beauvais (North of Paris). I am engaged to a cute little French girl named Laetitia and will be getting married in January.