2009 Lexus LS460 with VIP Modular VR08 Wheels

The Lexus LS has served as the brands marquee for well over 15 years and along the way created a car that has not only worried European automakers but also given them a benchmark – as well as a blueprint – to build off of. Now on their fourth generation body style, the new LS created a frenzy when they unleashed a flurry of options which included massage seats and self-parking but none of that could ever impress auto enthusiasts more than the modified version we present to you here today.

When Kennedy Nguyen – the CEO of Platinum VIP – first purchased his 2009 Lexus LS460 he already had plans to make his vehicle a rolling showcase to represent his tuning facilities capabilities. Already an advocate of the VIP style, Kennedy was no stranger to the scene and his 1993 Lexus GS was proof of that as he amassed a cult-like following. But no one in his or her right mind was ready to see him break out the Lexus LS460. Built in just a matter of days, the vehicle was showcased at its first show and from there he literally dropped jaws, had the crowds talking and put the industry in stand still as he created what has remained the finest example of a new body style LS we’ve seen to date.